Amber Vale Home – Lighting Up Franklin, One Candle at a Time

Are you looking for the perfect candle? Here at Lovely Franklin, we have discovered a candle line that we now consider our all-time favorite. Locally owned, Amber Vale Home has created a candle collection that should be a staple in every home, especially every Tennessee home!

You see, when you have scents called Franklin and another called Tennessee Backroads, we take notice. The scents are out-of-this-world wonderful, and they really make your home smell like everything cozy and lovely just like our beloved state of Tennessee.  

Meet Franklin’s Candle Girl

Creative visionary Michele Huff started Amber Vale Home after moving her family from Colorado to Tennessee. “A few years ago, I found myself longing to create – a brand of sorts – something that had value and was a product/service that would resonate with others as it did me.”

For some reason, candles piqued my interest. But I wanted to do it my way – a little off the beaten path with creative branding, subtle, yet memorable scents, and with a 100% customer-first approach. We created Amber Vale Home with the vision of designing a platform to inspire and decorate your space. Candles were the flagship product to begin this vision.”

Candles That “Take You There”

“We love our candle scents and burn all of them on repeat in our own home! Our biggest goal when we create a candle is that it HAS to be true-to-scent — realistic. None of this fragrancy, headache-inducing over-the-top scent that doesn’t really smell like the label indicates. 

“A tag line we have used in our company is, ‘Our candles take you there.’ And what this means for us is, when you burn an Amber Vale Home candle, we want it to conjure up memories, moments made with family and friends and the hopes of new ones yet to be made.”

For instance their Camping Trip candle has notes of a bonfire + toasted marshmallow to remind us of family gatherings around a campfire either in the backyard or a camping trip.

You Gotta Love Those Tennessee Backroads

Their most popular candle by far is Tennessee Backroads. Michele says, “The scent is like walking or driving through a forest of trees and drinking in the variety of pine and deciduous fragrance. Our customers (and myself) simply cannot get enough of this one!”

Michele’s personal favorite is Porch Chat (leather + whiskey), primarily because it burns so mellow. “It’s just so darn good. It’s bold out of the jar, but when you light that wick, it creates the most soothing, gentle and relaxing atmosphere. I absolutely cannot get enough of it.”

Their latest candle, Franklin (historic buildings + sweet shops), was created because of their love for our special town. Franklin, the candle, has a scent that takes you right into a shop from the past with notes of pine and cedar. It has notes of leather, for the leather goods and wares sold in these historic buildings with a sweet note added. It’s a nod to all the ice cream and candy shops downtown. 

Some of the other Amber Vale Home scents include Grove (grapefruit), Guest House (cypress + spearmint), Gathering (orange + clove), With Extra Whip (peppermint + hot chocolate), Hayride (pumpkin + vanilla) and Petals (magnolia + peony).

Shop Amber Vale Home Locally or Online

You can buy Amber Vale Home candles through their website. Please visit A few local shops and boutiques around Franklin carry their candle line including The Visitor’s Center, Storehouse no.9, The Harpeth Hotel, as well as Sara Sells.

Amber Vale Home candles are created with natural waxes — soy and coconut. Natural wax tends to have a “memory” as it burns which means once you’ve created the template for it to burn, it “remembers” that for succeeding burns. 

Candles That Look Good in Any Space

Their branding is spot-on. They wanted their design to be very modern and minimalistic, thus the all-black label with limited text. Their goal was to ensure their candles looked good in any space, with any type of decor style while adding that “frosting” of a little bling. 

Amber Vale Home’s namesake is a nod to the beautiful rolling hills and valleys that cover our gorgeous state of Tennessee  — vale meaning valley. The amber element in their logo is a nod to the amber sunrises and sunsets that blanket the Tennessee landscape for those of us who are lucky enough to live here get to witness every day. 

A Winning Team

“I am lucky enough to know the guy personally that makes all my branding dreams come true — my husband, Rob,” says Michele. “He’s the creative part of my team and head ‘Creative Juice Squeezer’ at ImageStudios – his graphic design + creative marketing + social media marketing business that he began over 25 years ago. 

“Rob has a breadth of experience and is phenomenal at his craft. It’s a gift — I’m convinced. He takes my crazy ideas and lengthy requests and develops it into a cohesive branding dream for me. I’m a lucky girl and I count my blessings every day he’s on my team.”

A Home-Based Business with Room to Grow

Currently, Amber Vale Home candles are made in the Huff’s studio in their Franklin home. They love this arrangement a lot, but also realize as they grow, this will most likely be short-lived. They are bursting at the seams with growth and are considering expansion into a retail space in the future.

One day Michele would love to have a brick and mortar store. It’s been a dream since she was a little girl to run a storefront one day, and expand to other home decor merchandise. “There’s something so organic about running a shop, seeing old friends and meeting new people. It all just appeals to me so much.”

Allow Your Candles to Have a “Full Melt Pool” & Trim Those Wicks!

Michele says, “It is imperative that upon first lighting your candle, you keep it lit long enough to achieve a ‘full melt pool’ which simply means the wax has melted to the edges of the jar. This usually takes 2-4 hours. Always keep that in mind when lighting your candle that it’s a good idea to be home or at your office long enough for your candle to get to this ‘full melt pool’ stage.”

In addition, Michele explains how important it is to keep our candle wicks trimmed properly. “For cotton wicks, it is a 1/4” long. After a candle has been burning for a period of time, the wick will curl over and become quite long. This should always be trimmed once cooled and before lighting again. Otherwise, your flame will most likely be very large and it will burn through your candle wax faster, thus not giving you as many burn hours to enjoy your candle. And, I might mention, it can be a fire hazard with too large of a flame. Wick trimmers are a great way to trim those wicks as they have a long handle that can reach down a jar that could otherwise be very awkward with standard scissors.”

For safety reasons, Michele reminds us to NEVER leave a candle unattended. “Always be aware of potential hazards in your space like young children or pets that could knock over a candle or get burned by the hot wax. Think through placement very carefully. Also, take great care not to touch the candle jar after it has been burning; the jars can get very hot. Always let them cool to room temp before handling.”

Fall in Love with Franklin

Rob and Michele and their two boys fell in love with Franklin and its friendly people. “Friendliness seems to cover this place. I love the history and the pride that goes with living in a charming small town that has heart and respect for the past and who resided here before us. 

“I love that it has the small town appeal, yet trendy Nashville influence. My favorite things in Franklin revolve around the downtown square. I love the shopping at the trendy boutiques and home goods stores. From catching a slice of pizza at Mellow Mushroom, noshing on Merridee’s beer cheese soup — yummo, or grabbing a hot drink at any of the fun coffee shops is where it’s at for me. We have THE best downtown ever!”

Add Amber Vale Home Candles to Your Boutique

“We absolutely cherish our relationships with our local retailers that carry our candles. We don’t take it lightly when they take a chance on this candle girl, and consider every retail store a partner and friend.”

If you are interested in carrying Amber Vale Home candles in your shop, and click on the” Wholesale Login” button at the top and it will take you to a page with instructions on how to get started.

When asked how Michele would describe her new hometown of Franklin in one word, she said, “Charming.” 

We totally agree! 

Every Franklin home needs a Franklin and a Tennessee candle, just to get started. 

Shop local y’all! Support local, independent business owners like the completely lovely Michele Huff

We are Lovely Franklin,

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