Biscuit Love Franklin is a Brunch Lover’s Dream!

Biscuits and Franklin are a match made in heaven! When Karl and Sarah Worley turned their Airstream food truck into a Nashville biscuit lover’s dream, they had no idea how popular their brand of deliciousness would become.

Founders Karl & Sarah Worley

Biscuit Love has grown to four Middle Tennessee locations – two in Nashville and two in Franklin. You can grab their lighthearted take on Southern brunch food at their Nashville locations in The Gulch or Hillsboro Village. But our favorite location is in Downtown Franklin of course, and now Berry Farms!

Located in Franklin’s Historic Corn House

The downtown Franklin location is housed in the beautiful Corn house with Queen Anne style architecture, it was rebuilt in 1892 after the original home constructed by a Confederate soldier burned. The Charlie Corn family purchased it in the 1920s and lived there for 60 years.

This wealthy Franklin family was the owner of Lillie Mills, makers of Franklin Lily Flour. How appropriate to have our beloved Biscuit Love located in the same home? 

The House That Flour Built

Prior to Biscuit Love, the Historic Corn House was a venue and bed and breakfast called Lillie Belle’s. Karl says, “We heard it was going up for sale. We always loved the home and what it represented in Franklin. Since we started in Franklin, we thought it would be a good place to position ourselves into the community.” Karl and Sarah continue to give back to the city of Franklin.

Introducing the Biscuit Love Biscuit!

Biscuit King Karl explains, “We make everything from scratch, everything is fresh, we work with as many local and regional farmers and vendors as we can, and the recipes are all from my childhood – family recipes, recipes inspired by what my grandmother used to make.”

Karl and Sarah changed their original biscuit recipe. “Imagine the most buttery, dynamic, light yet exquisitely flaky and layered biscuit you’ve ever had. Now, add the biggest heaping heart-full of love and VIOLA! The new Biscuit Love biscuit!” It’s strong enough to hold their savory biscuits, yet delicate enough to lavish it with their homemade preserves.

Bon Appétit’s “Best Sandwich in America”

In 2015, Bon Appétit named the East Nasty “The Best Sandwich in America”! This is high praise coming from the nation’s highly acclaimed food magazine. They remarked on their #1 pick, “East Nasty is a slightly-crunchy-on-the-exterior, fluffy, buttery biscuit topped with a ridiculously good piece of fried chicken, which is swaddled in rich sausage gravy, then topped with (you guessed it) the other half of the biscuit. Is it insane to even call this a sandwich? Definitely—that’s why we love it.”

Another favorite, the Southern Benny, boasts shaved country ham, two fried eggs, sausage gravy on a buttermilk biscuit. Cheesy Potatoes are a yummy new addition to the menu. Make sure to order a glass of their fresh squeezed orange juice!

Nashville Hot Chicken Biscuits – They Got ‘Em

Nashville “Hot Chicken” lovers must try their Princess Biscuit. It’s a spicy thigh sandwiched between their famous biscuit with pickles, mustard and honey thrown in for kicks!

Bonut = Deep Fried Biscuit Dough Rolled in Sugary Goodness

If you’re craving something sweet, then Biscuit Love’s yummy Bonuts will make you one happy camper! They are like donut holes made from biscuit dough then topped with lemon mascarpone, and served over a blueberry compote.

Throughout its journey from food truck to brick-and-mortar, Biscuit Love has remained steadfast in its commitment to sourcing from local purveyors like Bear Creek Sausage, Benton’s Bacon, Tennessee Real Milk, and Muletown Coffee.

How Do You Like Your Biscuit?

“We are very grateful to everybody who has helped us get to where we are. Because of the goodness of the food community we’re a part of, we’ve received a lot of support. Our Franklin location has a good mix of tourists and locals.”

When asked about what he loved about Franklin, Karl replied, “I love the loyalty to the community. They have really done a good job embracing the history and leaving the old homes while integrating new into it. My favorite place? Pinkerton Park.”

The one word Karl would say best describes Franklin – “Lovely!”

We couldn’t agree more.

Make Biscuit Love Brunch Your Local Favorite

Biscuit Love has opened their second Franklin location in Berry Farms. Remember to grab your Biscuit Love merch from t-shirts and caps to mugs and scratch-made preserves. They even ship nationwide!

Karl and Sarah Worley and their Biscuit Love team are yet another reason this is Lovely Franklin. Remember to dine and shop local. Come hungry ya’ll and bring your kinfolk!

We are Lovely Franklin,

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