Connor Myers – From Franklin Policeman to “Breaking Country”

New Jersey native, Connor Myers, spent three years patrolling the streets of Franklin. Working second-shift for the Franklin Police Department gave him a lot of time to reflect on the life he wanted for himself and his wife Sarah. The couple met in high school when they were both 15 years old and have been soulmates ever since.

Myers adored Franklin and helped keep our low-crime city safe, but it was a side hustle while Sarah was pursuing a career in chiropractic. His police salary paid the mortgage, so he could have the freedom to do what he came to Tennessee to do, which was to pursue a country music career. “Franklin is my favorite place on earth,” says Myers. “The police department is one of the most caring groups of people I’ve ever met who truly love this town. These officers help keep Franklin the special place we all love.”

Like the thousands of other singer/songwriters who travel the road to Music City, Myers had his own unique path that brought him here. After high school, he entered the U.S. Marine Corp. He was stationed in North Carolina and surrounded by men who loved country music. 

But even though he was a Jersey boy growing up just twenty-one miles west of New York City, country music wasn’t foreign to him. His mother was born in West Virginia and she exposed him to the sounds of Patsy Cline and Conway Twitty. Country was in his DNA. 

This Jersey Boy Marine Grew to Love Country Music

While he was based in Cherry Point, North Carolina, he began writing music because it brought him peace in an often hostile environment. Many of his fellow Marines were from the South and enjoyed listening to country music, and it started to grow on him after years of trying to suppress the country music he grew up hearing.

Then one day while sitting in a jacked up pickup owned by one of his fellow corporals, Jason Aldean’s “Dirt Road Anthem” came on the radio. It was something about that song that got into his soul. He calls it a “bookmark.” It was the turn of a page and a new chapter. The desire to pursue music as a career was birthed.

His passion for writing began when a fellow Marine lent him a small acoustic guitar. Playing helped Myers deal with the stress of deployment. He taught himself to play and started fleshing out country songs. Singing and writing became his emotional support. After four years, he left his career with the Marines and moved back to New Jersey for work. 

Sarah Moves the Family South

One day, Sarah heard a ballad he wrote called “Overseas”, detailing the emotional struggles military families endure from separation. She insisted they move to Nashville.

Myers worked odd jobs to pay the rent while Sarah entered the healthcare field. They knew it wouldn’t be easy, but they followed the dream with the hopes of “making it in country.” He began honing his performance skills by singing at Broadway’s legendary honkey tonks like Tootie’s and Rippy’s.

Sarah found her passion working for Franklin chiropractor, Dr. Jason Crist. Her health and allergies improved as a result, so she decided to make it her profession and was accepted into Logan University for chiropractic.

From Honkey Tonks to Bruce Springsteen

Myers decided to go to the police academy to have a more secure job after a friend told him the Franklin Police Department was hiring. He chose the career because he truly wanted to help people, but it was a challenging time. He would work during the week, then make the five and a half hour drive to St. Louis to spend the weekends with Sarah. 

Because he earned the GI Bill, Myers decided to go to college at Lipscomb University and got his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Organizational Leadership in just two years. So while going to school, he was working full-time as a police officer. After school, he would go to a writing session and the next day do it all over again. He kept this pace from 2016-2019.

His career led him to producer, Kevin Rooney, a touring musician for Rascal Flatts at the time. One of his demos “In My Car” brought him to the attention of Bruce Springsteen’s producer, Ron Aniello, while recording the song in Springsteen’s studio. Then another song, “Just You, Just Me” Springsteen himself liked so much that he reworked the chorus, then Aniello and Myers recorded that song as well. Not many people can say they have a song co-written with fellow Jersey boy Bruce Springsteen!

A Chance Meeting with a Songwriting Legend

After retiring from the Franklin Police Department, Myers began working for Mercedes-Benz of Nashville in Franklin. His success as salesman allowed him to sell their Fairview home and buy some land with an old farmhouse in Chapel Hill.

Three years ago, a “chance” meeting at The Harpeth Hotel’s McGavock’s Coffee Bar & Provisions turned a new chapter in his career. He was no longer a police officer, but found his way to Franklin and stopped in one of the town’s local hot spots for breakfast.

It was at that meal, he was approached by a local, friendly face who struck up a conversation. Little did Myers know he was talking to songwriting legend Roger Murrah. Not only is Murrah a member of the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, he has written fourteen #1 hits including Myers’ mother’s favorite song “High Cotton.” Murrah’s accomplishments are vast. He was BMI’s Songwriter of the Decade in the 1980s. Read our interview with Roger Murrah here

Murrah lives at the Residences of The Harpeth and frequents the coffee shop and hotel lobby. Their conversation has turned into a great friendship and songwriting relationship.

Hitting Rock Bottom

Murrah was drawn to Myers’ charisma, and his songwriting/singing abilities, which ultimately led to them working closely together. But even with the highs of great opportunities, the struggle of trying to make it in the music business is real. The neon rainbow started to fade and so did the dream. On the night of his tenth wedding anniversary, Myers hit rock bottom emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. He had a “Jesus Take the Wheel” moment. He was tired of the struggle, and tired of trying to charter the course of his life.

Myers says, “God was telling me, ”You’ve got this gift. You’ve got this direction, but this isn’t the direction I’m telling you to go.’ My life was going downhill. I felt I had something to offer, and something I was trying to do with my life. But I didn’t know why God wouldn’t let me do it. I was holding onto anger, and I was letting it feed me. My guitar was my crutch for so long. Music was my escape, but it had become my weapon.

“I almost gave up. I was broken. I told God I couldn’t do it anymore. I tried everything, but asking God for His forgiveness. I wanted to let go of all the anger and put all my trust in God.”

He needed divine intervention. “It was a real plea to God, more than a prayer,” he says. That crossroads, after everything seemed so dark, started him on a new path with a new peace and dependance on his Heavenly Father. 

Chasing the Right Dream, but for the Wrong Reasons

“I was chasing the right dream, but for the wrong reasons,” explains Myers. With a new sense of purpose he approached his career and writing differently. It wasn’t for fame and fortune. He wanted to truly help people. He found a local church, Conduit in Franklin.

“My dream went from glorifying myself as an artist, to being a conduit for how I can serve others through Christ.” His song “Is it True Lord” was written from this new sense of purpose to write more meaningful songs. Now more than even before, his music is touching lives and moving people to tears.

Songwriting Legend Roger Murrah Opens New Doors

Working with Murrah has been an answered prayer. Myers says, “I’ve learned more about songwriting from Roger than in any music theory class I could have taken in college.”

Through Murrah’s mentorship, they are working on some incredible projects together. One of those projects is with music industry legend Jim Ed Norman, President of Warner Brothers Records Nashville from 1984 to 2004. Norman has worked with some of the most important acts in the business including The Eagles, Garth Brooks, Kenny Rogers, Randy Travis, Blake Shelton, Faith Hill, Hank Williams, Jr., Anne Murray, Linda Ronstadt, and the list goes on.

Norman shared, “The first time I saw Connor perform, his rich and warm baritone voice was magnetic and the way he engaged the audience already showed a maturity seldom seen in someone his age. It took only a few minutes visiting with him to realize his love of community, his faith and especially his commitment to family have all played a big part in that maturity. It will be exciting to watch Connor achieve his dreams and goals and to know that our community is all the better for his being in it!”

“Breaking Country” Television Series

Another exciting opportunity is that Myers has been selected as the first artist to be on The Country Network’s “Breaking Country” television series. It will feature the real life behind-the-scenes story of what it’s like trying to make it in the music business in Nashville. Murrah added, “TCN is considering moving their headquarters from Dallas to Franklin.”

Michelle Robinson, Partner in The Country Network, shared her enthusiasm, “Connor Myers, is a rising voice whose distinct and pure country roots are evident in his deep moving lyrics, and his captivating unique sound.  His arrival onto the music scene will not only be welcoming, but refreshing.”

The road to success is never easy, but we know God always seems to “Bless the Broken Road.” We can’t wait to see what the future brings Connor and Sarah. Good things are on the horizon because after eleven years of not being able to have a baby, they were blessed this year with a little boy named Hudson. Sarah has her own practice Homestead Chiropractic in Thompson’s Station’s Tollgate Village.

All of us in Franklin are cheering for our hometown hero, Connor Myers. We know you will make all of us so proud. With Murrah’s mentoring, and God on your side, you are already a success. 

You can see Myers, Murrah, Alecia Nugent, and Jimmy Melton perform live at Songwriters at the Harpeth, Friday, April 28th. Get tickets here.

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  2. This heartwarming article really brings it home for me and I am amazed at my nephew and GODchild Connor’s journey of ups and downs and hills and valleys and obstacles that so many of our own children go through and then find out in GOD’s time all the reasons for those seasons! This is a wonderfully written and profound article that is so appreciated! I could read this 1000 times over and feel both his pain and joy through it. His music will touch a thousand more hearts because his songs are truly spoken from his own heart and his genuine LOVE for Jesus! And Lord knows, he can inspire all young kids all over the world to find their own journey by never ever giving up, by TRUSTING GOD fully! And having the blessing and support of Sarah and now Hudson will be surrounded by his daddy’s music which will build the unwavering strong foundation for his own journeys growing up! Love this story!

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