Leiper’s Fork Magical Christmas Tree is Back!

After a four-year hiatus, the Leiper’s Fork Christmas tree is back and standing strong! This magical tree welcomed visitors from high-atop the hill at the edge of the village for more than two decades. The 43-foot tree, a legacy of the late and beloved Leiper’s Fork leader, Bruce Hunt, was resurrected by a team of spirited locals determined to get the more than four-story structure back in place for all to enjoy. It’s located on Old Hillsboro Road as you enter Leiper’s Fork.

Bruce Hunt came up with the idea and put up the first tree in 2003. It was about 25 feet tall, and with the help of Aaron Hedden and several locals, the tree was placed on the hill across from Bruce and Marty’s farm. Sadly, the tree was blown down two different times from strong storms over the years, the last being 2019, just two days before the Leiper’s Fork Christmas Parade. 

This year several people came together and rebuilt the whole tree again. Four years without a Leiper’s Fork Christmas tree was too long. Marty says, “Everyone is so excited to have it back, because it just doesn’t seem like Christmas to us without it.”

Laura Musgrave was the driving force behind getting the tree back up. It was really a group effort with the help of Oliver Strange, Chris Carlo, Wayne Darnell, Joe Waddell, and several new people that happily got involved.

The Leiper’s Fork Christmas tree was lit on December 5th and will remain glowing until January 3rd. It’s a beacon of hope for children and adults.

Take your family for a drive out to the charming village of Leiper’s Fork this Christmas to see this magnificent tree and support the wonderful local merchants and artisans while you are there.

Make sure to swing by the re-opened Country Boy for breakfast and the always fabulous Fox and Locke for lunch or dinner and a show. 

Thank you Lavana Deal Photography for your breathtaking photos.

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