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Christmas Time in Franklin – Trenton Lee Photography

Some of our city’s most stunning photos can be traced back to one of Franklin’s most celebrated photographers, Trent Wallace. His breathtaking images showcase the incredible beauty and history of our lovely town. Trent’s award-winning photographs have been published in local magazines and featured on various Nashville area websites.

Interestingly, photography started as a hobby for Trent, then turned into a side business: Trenton Lee Photography. While he works full time in the medical field, he and his beautiful family have a passion for adventure and travel. As a result, his collection of landscapes, cityscapes, waterscapes, and nightscapes spans the entire world, in addition to Franklin and Nashville.

Trent Wallace’s Family Vacations Become Our Window into the World

Trent Wallace Family at Peyto Lake – Trenton Lee Photography

Originally from Alabama, Trent and his family have lived in Franklin for 23 years. Incredibly, he wasn’t interested in photography until just a few years ago. This gorgeous family photo with his wife Harriet, and children, Oliva and Niki, was taken at Peyto Lake in Alberta, Canada. 

“I have always enjoyed traveling, but I just had a simple point and shoot camera. While vacationing in Turks and Caicos a few years ago, I accidentally dropped the camera in the ocean and ruined it.  Afterwards, a friend of mine who is a hobby photographer encouraged me to consider purchasing a professional DSLR camera. At first I resisted, but eventually decided to make the purchase. 

Turning a Hobby into a Passion

Trent Wallace at Peyto Lake in Alberta, Canada – Trenton Lee Photography

“Soon I was captivated by the hobby and the creativity it allowed me to explore. I took a few lessons from a professional photographer in the area and shortly thereafter I was off discovering a new passion. Since then I have photographed everything from Hawaii and Banff to Iceland and the Amalfi Coast in Italy, to the white painted villages of Santorini, Greece, and anywhere in between.”

His dream adventure would be Africa. “A safari and hiking Kilimanjaro are at the top of my list.” We hope one day this dream becomes a reality. Imagine the photos!

Unique Angles of Franklin from the Natchez Trace Bridge, Carnton, and our Historic Downtown

Natchez Trace Bridge – Trenton Lee Photography

Trent specializes in landscapes. He explains, “While I enjoy photographing many subjects I am most passionate about landscape photography.  It pairs well with my desire to travel.”  

But his favorite places to shoot are natural landscapes. “I like to get off of the beaten path to get a unique angle to show a different, perhaps unseen, perspective.”

Carnton – Trenton Lee Photography

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You can select paper prints, wall art, including canvas, acrylic, metal and wood. Trent also has fun keepsake options for his images on puzzles, post cards, mouse pads, coasters, and ceramic tiles.

Franklin’s Main Street at Dawn

Downtown Franklin at Dawn – Trenton Lee Photography

Trent explains, “My favorite Franklin photograph is actually the one featured on Lovely Franklin’s website. Oddly enough, it was totally unplanned and impromptu. A couple of years ago, my wife and I were up early in the morning and decided to go for a walk in downtown Franklin. At about 5:45AM, while my wife and I were witnessing a beautiful sunrise, I noticed that there were no cars parked on Main Street which is a rarity.  

“I stood in the middle of the street near the Franklin Theatre with my camera to capture the moment. I was initially pleased with the photograph, but then my wife suggested that I retake a photograph from down low at street level. So there I was laying flat in the middle of Main Street at 5:45AM about to capture the image that I am most proud of. I may have taken the photograph, but my wife deserves the real credit for coming up with the idea.”

We are so very honored to have Trent’s brilliant downtown photo featured on our Lovely Franklin home page.

Harlinsdale Farm and its Incredible Backdrops

Harlinsdale Farm – Trenton Lee Photography

One of the reasons he loves Franklin so much is the fact that even though it has grown over the years, it has kept its small town charm. “It still offers the feel of a small town while still affording the conveniences of a much larger city. I enjoy walking around downtown Franklin; however, Harlinsdale Farm always provides a serene atmosphere with spectacular sunsets.”

We are Grateful the Trent Wallace Family Calls Franklin Home

Trent Wallace Family – Trenton Lee Photography

When asked how Trent would describe Franklin in one word, Trent says, “Charming”. We totally agree!

Trenton Lee Photography is an essential part of capturing the majesty of our lovely Franklin. Please visit his website to see his magnificent collection of images from his travels to some of the most stunning places in the world. Thank you, Trent, for making Franklin proud!

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