Triple Crown Bakery Makes Franklin’s Dreamiest Cakes, Cookies & Pastries

When you visit Alena Vaughn’s Triple Crown Bakery, you feel instantly transformed into a charming French pâtisserie. Located at 118 4th Avenue North in a charming green cottage in Franklin, this little gem may be small in size, but delivers big-time with some of the tastiest cookies, cakes, and treats in town.

Alena says, “Becoming a pastry chef is like living her dream job. It is so much fun to have such a creative job. It’s an obsession that I think about all day. I feel so proud to tell people what I do for a living because it always makes people smile.”

Pastry Chef Extraordinaire Alena Vaughn

A Southern California native, Alena decided to pursue a career in baking during her junior year of college. She graduated from The California Culinary Academy (Le Cordon Bleu) in San Francisco. Her culinary career began at the Ritz Carlton, and then baking at Zov’s Bistro & Bakery.  

She later developed a successful home-based baking business. Her husband, Jeff, had a 22-year career in the Marines. Their family relocated several times. But Alena’s baking business continued to thrive with each move. 

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice Comes to Franklin

When the opportunity came for her husband to retire, they were ready for a permanent home to grow roots for their son, Bradley (19) and daughter, Maisy (13). They chose our darling Franklin. They visited our town many times over the past 25 years while spending time with their extended family in Nashville.

Triple Crown Bakery opened its doors in 2016, and the Franklin community fell in love with Alena and her delicious pastries. Upon closer observation of the bakery’s interior, you notice tributes to Alena’s beloved Paris, and also historic Franklin by having a Lillie Mill’s flour sack on the wall. Franklin Lady Flour was a popular brand throughout the South. It became Franklin’s largest industry for almost a century. You can still see the empty grain silos off Main Street and First Avenue South. How fitting to honor this legacy at the bakery.

Love for Paris, Historic Franklin & Horses All Rolled Into One

Thanks to Alena’s sensational team, these seven women elevate Franklin’s culinary delights to a level equal to that of any top French patisserie. “We are best buddies, hard workers and have so much fun together.”   

The bakery’s namesake came from Alena’s love of horses after spending time working on a horse ranch before college. She explains, “The Triple Crown is the best for the top 3 horse races.  I wanted to incorporate my love for horses and my love for baking. We do cookies, cakes, and pastries, and we make the best of these three.” The walls are lined with horse trophies and ribbons along with the equestrian wallpaper. It’s a glorious combination of everything vintage and scrumptiously sweet.

The Best of the Best in Baking

Everything is made from scratch from the freshest of ingredients. Some of their dreamy desserts include their popular Flourless Chocolate Raspberry Cake, cinnamon rolls, and unique creations like Lemon Elderflower Cake. What I personally love about the bakery is that you can try their individual cakes to sample all the yummy flavors, or offer a variety for a delightful dinner party. We have enjoyed Alena’s delicacies and they taste even better than they look if that’s possible! See our 7 Steps for a Fabulous Dinner Party.

Every Delightful Dessert You Need for a Fabulous Party

Misty Westebbe Photography

In addition, you will find custom decorated cookies, wedding cakes, birthday cakes, glazed petit fours, breakfast pastries both sweet and savory, and so much more. So what is Alena’s most favorite item to make? “Brioche, the smell is intoxicating!”

Because the bakery is small, you get to see all the ladies working away on the day’s creations. It’s a beautiful sight to behold! The tables are cozy, and you are made to feel like family. There is even a play kitchen for the little aspiring bakers who stop by. 

Totally Unique Creations You Will Only Find at TCB

Every year at Christmas, Alena and her family take a trip instead of doing presents. “Last year, we went to Paris. It was everything!” 

You might wonder what time do these incredibly talented women wake up to make these incredible pastries? 4:00AM!  Triple Crown Bakery is open Tuesday – Saturday, 8:00AM – 4:00PM.

TCB – Taking Care of Baking! (So You Don’t Have To)

She is most grateful for the support of the Franklin and surrounding community for her little bakery, especially because her family continues to reside in California. “I love the community that Franklin provides. I love that I can run into people I know wherever I go, I love how friendly everyone is, and the hospitality of this town.”

Misty Westebbe Photography

Since the bakery is bursting at the seams, they do plan to expand. However, it’s very important that they maintain the coziness of what people love about them.

You will love everything about Triple Crown Bakery. We are so grateful to Jeff and Alena for bringing this bakery to Franklin. It’s now an important part of what makes our city all together lovely. Maybe some day she will come out with her own cookbook. We know it would be a huge success just like the bakery.

So stop by the bakery the next time you are in Downtown Franklin for a delicious treat. It’s worth a special visit to meet Alena and her beautiful team of bakers. Make sure to follow TCB on Instagram too.

Triple Crown Bakery – Making it a Wonderful Life in Franklin

When asked how she would describe Franklin in one word, Alena said, “Charming!”

Alena Vaughn – another reason we call this Lovely Franklin.

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