Zula & Mac Interiors – Franklin’s Prettiest & Most Historic Home Decor Shop

Supporting local businesses with a rich history is one of our missions here at Lovely Franklin. If you’ve recently driven by the new Zula & Mac Interiors on 301 Lewisburg next to the railroad tracks, you may wonder what’s inside this historic building now? We would answer, “It’s the prettiest home decor shop in Franklin.”

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Owner Pam Hood, along with her lovely staff, have transformed the building into a spectacular display of home interiors including on-trend furniture, wall art, home decor accessories, down-fill accent pillows, florals and holiday decor. The upscale boutique in the back features the latest styles in clothing, shoes and beautiful jewelry. In addition, Zula & Mac offers exquisite home decorating services.

Franklin Native Pam Hood Continues Her Mother’s Legacy

Zula & Mac Owner Pam Hood – Misty Westebbe Photography

But what makes Pam’s story unique is the rich heritage not only the property has, but also the entrepreneurial legacy her parents left her. The Zula & Mac property has such an interesting history, from being located on the grounds of The Battle of Franklin, to becoming the commercial location it is today. From the 1940s-1980s, the main building housed Henry’s Market. It was a neighborhood grocery store, and Mr. Henry lived in a house next door.

Remembering Henry’s Market & The Gilco Drive-In

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The adjacent building, now their “Farmhouse” shop, was once The GilCo, Franklin’s first drive-in where teenagers would hang out and eat burgers and drink milkshakes. Not many people in Franklin or Williamson County remember The Gilco, but according to some Franklin residents, it had the “best fried pies, desserts and food” in the county during the 1940s and 1950s. Later, the building would be used as a beauty salon, bicycle shop and fish market.

Photo Courtesy of Rick Warwick

“The Farmhouse” for All Things Cottage & Farmhouse Style

Today, Pam calls this building “The Farmhouse”. This cute little stand sells lots of farmhouse decor, signs, planters, and outside metal yard art. It’s the perfect shop to visit when decorating farmhouse and cottage-style homes.

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Pam’s family originally came from the Hillsboro/Leipers Fork community. She and her parents went to Hillsboro School. She was voted “Most Popular” by her classmates at Hillsboro, the same school Franklin Historian Rick Warwick would later teach history.

Photo Courtesy of Rick Warwick

Hazel Green’s Country Charm Antique Mall

It was Pam’s late parents, Toby and Hazel Green, who purchased the property in 1987. For 30 years, Pam’s dear mother Hazel operated the business as Country Charm Antique Mall. Antique dealers would rent out booths and sell their vintage wares for three decades.

Hazel Green, Pam Hood’s Mother & Country Charm Mall Owner

When Mrs. Hazel started, she knew very little about the antique business. But she had a love for primitive and vintage pieces. Along the way, she learned about antique glassware and became very knowledgeable. Pam said, “If mother didn’t know something about an item, she had a large collection of books she would refer to often.”

While Pam’s mother was busy with the antique mall, her father operated Toby’s Chicken Kitchen. It was the local meat-and-three for several years, and known for having the “best fried chicken in town.” Mrs. Hazel would even join her husband Toby and help out with the cooking.

After the restaurant closed, Toby joined Hazel in the antique business. Pam remembers a funny story about her parents going to auction. There were times when both of them would be bidding on the same item because her mother wanted it more. Toby passed away in 1998.

5 Generations of Pam Hood’s Family

Pam’s hard-working parents and strong family shaped her into the businesswoman she is today. Originally, she was involved in the business as a dealer with one booth while working another full-time job. Mrs. Hazel worked until she was 86 years old, and passed away in 2016.

Zula & Mac Brings New Life to the Family Business

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After her mother’s death, Pam wanted to refresh the store. She decided to change from her passion for antiques to selling new retail home interiors. With the help of Pam’s cousin, Missie Hanson they transformed the store into one of Franklin’s most distinguished local businesses opening in the fall of 2017. Missie has extensive experience in merchandising and retail marketing. The store is now filled with all things lovely and whimsical.

So how did the name Zula & Mac come about? With the change in merchandise, and no longer selling antiques, Pam looked for a new name. “Zula” was the name of mine and Missie’s grandmother. Pam’s daughter, Municipal Court Judge Deana Hood, always loved that name. She assists Pam as an adviser for the shop.

Pam decided to do a Google search to see if there was another “Zula” out there, and the only thing she found was a “Zula & Max” in Australia. Pam has a granddaughter with the nickname of “Mac” so she jokingly said, “Why don’t we name the new store “Zula & Mac.” Everyone loved the ideas. The store name is a perfect way to honor all the generations of their family.

Decorate Year-Round with Gorgeous Home Furnishings

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Missie explains, “We offer full-service in-home design consultation as well as on-site advice and recommendations for customers with pictures of hard to decorate ‘trouble spots’ in their homes.  We also provide assistance with filling customers’ personal vessels (vases, pots, pottery, etc) with the perfect combination of beautiful everyday and seasonal faux florals.”

Bringing Beautiful Home Decor to the People of Franklin

Brandon Baril – Lovely Franklin President

Zula & Mac has an equal split of customers. During the week, the store mostly has locals. But on Saturday, they receive many tourists because the store is only one mile from Franklin’s historic Carnton, home of the McGavock family and famous for being used as a hospital during The Battle of Franklin. The Carnton is also the inspiration for Robert Hicks’ best-selling novel, The Widow of the South, the story of Carrie McGavock.

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Pam’s greatest joy is bringing beautiful home decor to the people of Franklin. She loves the friendships and meeting new people. She loves Franklin’s beautiful landscapes and charming downtown.  

Franklin’s Hometown Girl Continues a Legacy of Lovely

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When asked how she would describe her hometown of Franklin, she replied, “Wonderful! I’m so thankful to live in this great city.”

Pam Hood – another reason we call this “Lovely Franklin.”

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